Complex processes created simply

Workflow Masterlink - simplicidade na criação de processos
Whether in control of a small business activity or an entire business area, the focus of Masterlink Platform is to provide autonomy and speed to users with a simple interface and a constant methodology.
Creating complex processes becomes simple for anyone using the Masterlink technology.

Evolution without barriers


Workflow Masterlink - Evolução e controlo de processos
No technical or commercial limitations, the process that is created today may evolve tomorrow.
The Masterlink platform adapts to simple or complex processes.
Add processes and control the activity without concerns.

Business activities for 10. Business activities for 1000


Workflow Masterlink - Escalabilidade para processos sem limites

The scalability of the Masterlink Platform allows you to create business activities that can be used without limits of users or records.
A department works with great efficiency using a solution built on Masterlink Platform? Great!!! Use this business activitie across the enterprise without any additional cost or development.
The investment is always secure.


Permissions and Barriers


Workflow Masterlink - Avançado motor de segurança e permissões
The Masterlink Platform includes an advanced security and permissions engine, for example you can block editing, limit the visibility of fields, records or processes for different users or group of users.
You can also have different development environments in the same instance to completely separate teams, with or without interaction between them.