Masterlink is a software company specializing in the creation of Web-based business software. Founded in 1998, aims to provide technological empowerment to real people.

Masterlink Platform, a powerful Web-based tool for building and running business applications. Complete, affordable and easy to use, Masterlink Platform is designed to develop communication solutions, process management and data analysis. 
The purpose is to create the best organized business environment, democratizing full web systems in order to increase the productivity of those using the solutions.
The Masterlink platform is a tool designed for people.

With 5 different engines for total embracement of business activities such as: CMS (Content Management System), Forms (Data management), WF (Workflow), BPM (Business Process Management) e BI (Business Intelligence).

The Masterlink technology enables partners a great potential for development, and users a wide range of configuration possibilities.

There is no other platform that combines the level of integration with this simplicity of use, allowing IT professionals increase productivity:

- Save 75% of time to deliver a new application WEB.
- Save 90% of time to adapt or develop a WEB application.
The platform boasts excellent reputation in the public sector and e-government, it is the basis for solutions developed for organizations such as the Health Ministry, Finance General Inspection, Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security, Ministry of Economics, among others.

in the private sector customers like Coca-cola, Xerox, Secil, Banco Popular e GroupM. meet our customers 

The Masterlink Platform is a licensed product and available for domestic and international markets through a network of certified partners and distributors. The licensing model is clear and competitive, including options for partners and community option.