Visual data modeling


Forms Masterlink - Criar e gerir formulários sem recorrer a código

You can build and manage an entire data model and it´s interface without knowing any code or database modeling. The data model is created considering the final system, providing great flexibility and simplicity to inexperienced users.


Total flexibility for different information


Forms Masterlink - Sem limites
With several types of fields available, build the appropriate data model for your needs. Do not get limited by pre-defined forms or by fields with limited functionality.

Validation. More security


Forms Masterlink - Automatização de verificações de segurança e contexto
Control the quality of your data by validating the fields you want, avoiding delays and costs in the implementation of business activities. You can automate security checks and context validation with total freedom.

Ready to use


Forms Masterlink - Disponibilização imediata de formulários

Immediately online after you create your form (data model). All changes made in the backoffice can be immediately available on the portal, drastically reducing development time and deploy.