CMS Masterlink - Gestão de conteúdos intuitivo e fácil

After five minutes you can manage and control all of your content without using code, in an intuitive and easy way. Use a CMS that opens horizons.


Effective collaboration


CMS Masterlink - Colaboração e sinergia de recursos

Achieve great results with your team and other departments regarding portal content. With editing capabilities, approval and publication, the website will always be updated with the least effort.


Disclose contents of your business processes


CMS Masterlink - Automatização de introdução de conteúdos


With automatic input of content, you´ll always have the latest information without effort, giving you free time for your priorities. Provide reports and statistics without any intervention.


More efficiency between you and your Partners/ Customers


CMS Masterlink - facilidade de utilização
Quickly adapt the solution to your partners/ customers needs by providing and automating interactions online