More efficiency


BPM Masterlink - ganhos de eficiência > 90% face a desenvolvimento à medida
Tests performed on customers allowed us to observe efficiencies bigger than 90% over customized developments.
We invite you to experience these productivity gains and thus benefit the competitiveness.

Integration with other systems


BPM Masterlink - Integração com Outros Sistemas
The Masterlink platform works as an ecosystem, as a solution either globally or at the departmental level, and can be integrated with existing systems or future organization's systems.
The introduction of Masterlink Platform does not affect past investments or condition future investments.

Reuse work. Monetize effort.


Business Process Management Masterlink - Reutilizações de parametrizações
The Masterlink Platform allows you to reuse the configuration made earlier in business activities, as well as checks or controls. Creating a new business activitie has never been so simple. Reuse, monetize.