Control your business activity


BI Masterlink - Relatórios, alertas, avisos, etc.
With the same simplicity you create business activities, you can also create reports, alerts, etc.
Is a computer or smartphone, you can always consult and edit information whenever you want. Best of all: no need for additional work.

Choose the best graphic display


Business Intelligence Masterlink -  Tabelas, gráficos lineares, circulares, mapas, etc.
Masterlink Platform has several prebuilt displays to present information the best format for each occasion.
Such as tables, line graphs, pie graphs or even geo-referenced maps, each situation is different and Platform Masterlink fits them all.

Reports always updated...


BI Masterlink - Automatização do controlo da atividade
… and without effort. The control of any activity is crucial, but usually takes up too much time and too many people.
Automate reporting and keep them updated in real time without effort or dedication of your teams.

Create knowledge from your business activities


Business Intelligence - Análise de indicadores de gestão
The Integrated Platform Masterlink nature allows all the information that is created and managed can be analyzed and used in decision making.
With formats suitable for every situation, and real-time updated information, decisions can be made with accurate knowledge.