Why Masterlink Technology?


Business people creating applications to control and manage their activities in a simply fast and efficient way.


Absolutely NO-CODE development for techies and non-techies, it's all about configuration.


Maximum Efficiency.

Complete, Accessible and Workable Information.

Effective control Management.

Five engines in perfect sync

What "IT Empowerment" mean to us?

Total AUTONOMY in your hands.
NO-CODE development for real people, just configuration.
Full CONTROL of your business, just the way you imagined.
Creating your applications to MANAGE all kind of activities in a simple, fast and efficient way.
Bringing IT and “no-code” people together.

Business activities are constantly demanding IT services and, most of the time, there´s not enough manpower, budget or time to attend all the needs. People are drawn to fast tools like excel, access, mail, calendar…
Upon a closer look, however... Chaos is king.


When someone learns how to "Masterlink" we understand the value of giving power to people, they can really amaze us,
and show us the greatest version of themselves.


Some of our customers